Binchotan - The White Charcoal



備长炭也称为白炭,和一般的黑炭有很大的区别。 这两者的区别是,烧炭的温度,以及烧成后的灭火的方式。備长炭是在1100摄氏度的高温下烧成炭,然后以白灰来灭火,也称为白炭。

備长炭有几个特别之处,首先是它产生的火温度比一般的炭高,同时又不会产生火焰, 火焰的过度高温会使肉质碳化而产生异味。其次備长炭除了通过适度的高温,也放射出远红外线,这可以缩短烤肉的时间,让烤肉保持鲜美的味道。另外備长炭也不含硫,不会产生对人体有害的气体。

The secret of the “Binchotan”(white charcoal) 

Binchotan is also known as white charcoal. The main difference between binchotan and normal black charcoal is in the temperature of making it and the way to extinguish the fire. 

Binchotan is typically made at temperature of 1100°c, which is much higher compared to 500°c-600°c for normal black charcoal. Once done, white colour ash is used to extinguish the burning Binchotan and thus the name white charcoal.

Binchotan has many advantages. Most of all, it is able to burn at a much higher temperature compared to normal charcoal and it does not burn with flame. Flame is not desirable as the extreme high heat accompanying will carbonize the meat causing undesirable smell giving flameless high heat. . Beside, Binchotan also emits far infrared (FIR), which is able to penetrate the inner of the meat. Together, the flameless high temperature and FIR will shorten the time to grill meat, thus preserving the freshness of the meat.      


炭烧的烤肉,肉片被包裹在炎热的气体里,而这些气体影响了肉片的风味。備长炭烧烤的肉片为您带来了独特重大风味的烤肉。 同时,備长炭在高温燃烧下,肉片周边的气体中的氧气也大量的碳分子结合成二氧化碳,在这种局部[缺氧]的状况下, 肉片里脂肪的氧化过程会放缓,使脂肪适度氧化成脂肪酸并伴随着带来的温和风味。过量的脂肪酸会影响肉质的美味。


Why charcoal grill?

In Charcoal grill process, grilled meat is wrapped in the hot gas jacket, and the quality of this gas largely determines the flavour of the grilled meat. Using Binchotan to grill meat brings a unique smoke wood flavour to the grilled meat. At the same time, due to high temperature combustion produced by Binchotan, large amount of oxygen combines with carbon to produce carbon dioxide (CO). The carbon dioxide rich gas jacket which surrounds the grilled meat will reduce oxidation of fat in meat to an optimum level, producing just enough fatty acid (oxidized fat) to give the right flavour to grilled meat. Over oxidation of meat will have an impact to meat’s quality.

Perfect grilled meat is one in which the meat is in a half cooked condition. This is achieved by short duration high temperature cooking. The high temperature heat will cause caramelization on the meat’s surface, locking in the juice and preserving freshness. On the other hand, low temperature will cause the meat to be dry, affecting the texture of the grilled meat.