Grilling... Secret to Great Flavor.







The secret to delicious grilled meat

In KNK , after placing your order from the menu , the next step is to ensure that we grill the meat to perfection using our recommended tips.

We would suggest that you start with salted grilled meat so that the stainless steel mesh is not stained by meat sauce. This is then followed by grilled sauce ingredients. Miso flavored ingredients (internal organ) should be the last to go. For the best result, our staff will replace the stainless steel mesh after some time.

We do not recommend that you fill the stainless steel mesh surface full with grilled meat. As this will lower down the mesh temperature and affect the texture of the grilled meat. The best approach is to grill what you plan to eat right away. First, place a piece of meat to grill.  When it is time to turnover the meat on the mesh, it is also time to place the next piece of meat on it.  Please do not leave the grilled meat on the mesh for too long.

“沾汁” 酱汁魅力




The magic of meat sauce and dip sauce

Dip sauce is used to enhance the flavour of grilled meat. Dip sauce also helps to cool down sizzling hot grilled meat for immediate consumption. In addition, dip sauce helps to lock in the fat in grilled meat, which is essential to give the melt in your mouth taste and the sweet meat taste, making it hard to stop grilling and eating. KNK’s in house meat sauce has a unique and rich flavour, whilst KNK’s dip sauce was fruits including lemon and apple in the formulation giving a fresh fruity flavour. Combination of fresh quality grilled meat, unique rich meat sauce, and fresh fruity dip sauce provide a magical tasting experience. For guests who love spicy food, we also provide kojichan, special spicy sauce, to provide a stimulating experience.


泡菜的强烈酸味中和烤肉浓郁的味道,同时酸味也可达到唤醒味蕾的功效, 让您继续品尝烤肉的鲜味。因此我们建议吃烤肉的同时也偶尔咀嚼酸酸的泡菜以得到最佳的烤肉效果。此外,在冷面及Kubba里加入泡菜也是一种有趣的吃法哦

The charm of Kimuchi

Strong sour taste of kimuchi helps to enrich grilled meat flavour, giving you a balanced bouquet. On top of that, the sour taste also helps to restore our taste buds. We strongly recommend chewing kimuchi occasionally whilst eating grilled meat to achieve the best tasting experience.  Kimuchi can also be added to cold noodles or kubba as an interesting variant to food tasting.



The charm of lettuce


Wrapping grilled meat in the lettuce is a popular approach to enjoy the meat in Japan. This will protect your hand from the heat of the grilled meat. You can also dip it in dip sauce, combine with kimuchi, producing a sweet sour taste, that’s hard to describe. Adding some rice to it is also an interesting approach. Having diverse ways of mixing and matching, gives you the highest level of enjoyment for grilled meat.