4 steps to enjoy Yakiniku

4 fun steps to enjoy Gyutaro Yakiniku


1. 将肉一片片的放在火炉上。(别大量烧烤哦!)

Place meat on stove one piece at a time. (Remember: Not all the meat at once!)

2.  肉的內面烧至褐色就可反面。尽可不反复多次及不按压肉类,那既可保存肉汁。

When meat is browning, turn it over.  For a juicier meat, do not turn meat over too often or press meat with tongs.

3.  注意“当火焰燃起时,请将肉类移开。備长炭的高温烧烤是健康的。”

Note: always move meat away from flame.  The high temperature maintained by Binchotan is healthy for BBQ.

4.  烧至自要的程度时;沾入牛太郎自制的沾酱后;佩上白饭、青菜及泡菜都是不一样的美味佳肴。

When meat is cooked to your preference, dip meat with Gyutaro signature sauce.  Wrap meat with lettuce, kimchi or eat with rice.  Enjoy the fun of Gyutaro Yakiniku!