Vision 愿景

         Develop a mutual trust " Happy Group " as contribution to society. 

        迈向 “幸福企业” ;为人类社会的发展做出贡献。

  Mission 使命

                    Establish a growth platform to perform the responsibility of                          create value for others, promote social harmony and happiness.   


Corporate Philosophy&Culture 


                                  Honesty: Be honest with people and things.


                    Group power: Team spirit. We believed that everyone if under                                     the encouragement of the team, his/her potential can be a                                                      part to make the team sucess. 


                   群力:团队精神,在团队的激励之下;相信每一个人的潜能都                                                              可以发挥(团队)到极致 。

                       Gratitute: Facing all the challenges with gratitude as an                                                           opportunity for self- improvement.                                                 



                      Innovation: Creativity. Dare to challenge the tradition and                                                               towards a changing world. 



Corporate Statement 企业宣言

                      "With good attitude, there will be nice customers; with good                     service ,there will be better income."


              "Happy Group are starting from the heart with people- oriented."


           “Living well and to be a role model for everyone.”