When the crave for Japanese food sets in, what will be the first dish that come to your mind?  Is it sushi, sashimi or tempura?  But are these the dishes that Japanese eat at lunch time?  Or is it a usual family dinner with sushi, sashimi and tempura all the time? 

Japanese food is a whole lot more than just sushi, sashimi and tempura.  Eating out in Japan offers simple varieties in restaurants which many offer one particular type of food but cooked diligently and skillfully.  Like fast food for the Japanese, these are a few easily available dishes you may know:

  • Kushiyaki - skewered grilled meat and vegetables, the most common being yakitori, grilled skewered chicken.
  • Ramen - a comforting Japanese classic, noodles with thick umami-dense broth  
  • Teriyaki - marinated meat seared on hot plate
  • Sukiyaki - thin slices of beef, bean curd and vegetables cooked in soy sauce and dipped in egg

Just like fast food in the West, Japan also has their fare share of fast but often nutritious and mouth-watering food you can get just by walking into any restaurant in the streets of Japan.  At JK Group, we offer a dining experience that is authentically what a Japanese would stop by, have a meal and then get back to work.  It is the simplistic nutritional take on comfort food that everyone can afford, light for the pocket but also satisfy the gastronomic yearnings of Japanese food-lovers.


In summer time, Japanese loves to gather as a community or organize a family dining with yakiniku.  They set up stoves with charcoal and start grilling their food.  This is the fun of getting soak up with the warmth of summer and build up their taste buds with delicious sauces that when combined with the grilled BBQ meat, will work up their appetite.  Enjoying the evening sun, Japanese men and women raise their glasses of beer with their grilled meat and drink to merriment.   (click on link to read more about “Yakiniku - the way to eat and its history”)

Yakiniku means “grilled meat”, it is a Japanese culture to grill meat, wrap it with lettuce or eat with accompanying rice dish and drink beer, lots of it.  In our yakiniku restaurants, we also serve wine to pair with your favorite meat, be it beef, chicken or seafood.  

Yakiniku is especially appetizing when dipped with our home-made signature sauce.  Mixed with fruits to add to the sauce’s natural sweetness, you will find dipping grilled meat with the sauce will enhance the meat’s flavor and also cools the grilled meat immediately after you remove it from the stove.  (click on link to read more about “sauce - the way we make our sauces”)

We insist on the use of white charcoal, Binchotan, which produces virtually no flames and smokeless but can maintain a combustion heat with temperature as high as 1,000℃.  This prized charcoal, its superior quality, is highly sought by high-end restaurants.  It can stay at the high temperature 20 minutes longer than any common black charcoal.  Effectively, it does not scorch the meat but cooks it evenly to the perfection you desire for a healthy, carbon-free grilled food that leave you with a delicious rustic taste.  (click on link to read more about “Binchotan - our stamp of approval for high quality yakiniku”)

At JK Group, we want you to enjoy Japanese yakiniku as you would having the best summer time with your loved ones as if you were in Japan.

Ramen and Bento

Under our Japin brand, we have created “another dining table outside your home” for you to have the most nutritious offering of Japanese food whenever you want for take-away or dining in.  You can choose between having a bento set or a bowl of ramen with our signature broth.

We take every dining experience seriously.  Cooking with the freshest ingredients, yet with food that is packed with nutrients as you would find in Japan.  With the intensity for cooking details, we are meticulous in our selection and the combination of our bento sets to ensure that it is a complete meal.  Take a bento set home to your children who have just come home from school or order one yourself for a fulfilling meal before you get back to your working desk.

If you like ramen, order one that is infused with our home-made broth.  The broth is boiled for hours, breaking down the meat and the bones to create opaque sticky-lipped consistency with rich, buttery texture.  The broth itself could warm the bellies with the mix of chili-sesame paste, a handful of thinly-sliced green onions, a soft soy-sauce pickled egg and a few slices of melting tender-licious char siew, pork belly.  It’s the ultimate meal-in-a-bowl for everyone who wants something quick, delicious and comfortably fulfilling.   

Our philosophy

At JK Group, we introduce you to Japanese wholesome meal with an authentic Japanese dining experience which is quick, fulfilling and comforting, leaving you and your loved ones feeling happy and contented.