Fresh Meat Needs No Marinate

If choice premium meat is the heart of Gyutaro’s delicious yakiniku, the soul of our yakiniku must be the dipping sauces, tare, that when paired with the yakiniku, create an absolutely magical dining experience.  You simply can’t imagine the rapturous taste when yakiniku is paired with our specially prepared tare; there are no words to describe the experience accurately; you have to taste it to experience it first-hand!

Freshly Prepared Tare, Nature’s Delight   

An excellent condiment uplifts and harmonizes with your taste buds to bring out the texture, aroma and taste of food.  At Gyutaro, our dipping sauces are prepared using the freshest of natural ingredients to complement the aromatic yakiniku.  Tare brings out savouriness (umami), sweetness and a thousand other subtle, yet pleasurable, taste notes that never overpower the fresh, natural sweetness of the grilled premium cuts.       

Prepared daily by our chefs, our dipping sauces (tare) were created after years of experimentation by Guytaro owners, Leow and Tracy to get the perfect, flavourful taste to complement our high quality choice cuts.  Although the recipe for our dipping sauces will remain our secret; tasting it will definitely reveal to you that one of the main, natural and Japanese ingredients. 

From the moment your order is taken, the whole loving process of getting the meat ready for your perfect grilling and gastronomy experience begins. This process is really a work of art and passion, and it starts with momitare, or massage.  Depending on the meat and cut, the chef will choose one of three tare.  In Japanese yakiniku, meat is never marinated ahead of any order as the sauce will mask the taste of the meat.  And who would want to mask the natural sweetness of really fresh meat?     

Any yakiniku connoisseur knows that only salt is needed to bring up the original taste of prime high grade meat (in particular beef).  Salt is the mildest, artisan-style marinate, and the only choice for prime cuts.      

Nikutare, a sauce made with onion, garlic, ginger, soy sauce, sesame seed, chilli and sugar, is massaged into the other lean meats and seafood.  It carries a medium taste and meat lightly coated with nikutare is usually served with lettuce to provide texture.      

Misotare, as its name suggests, is a soy-based sauce.  With a stronger taste, misotare complements the gamey tastes of innards and spare parts especially well.       

The momitare process is step-by-step; there is no short-cut and the massaging in of the sauces only takes place upon your order reaching the kitchen.      

Next, the meat is trimmed to bite size pieces for quick cooking and ease of eating.     

Now the plate of meat plus your order of greens are served at your table.  The grill is lighted up and diners wait for a while for the grill to heat up to a high temperature before placing the meat on the grill.    

Dipping Sauces at Your Table     

Once the meat is cooked to your preference, dip or coat it with one of three sauces or condiments available at your table:-

  • Tsuketare, a delightful, light and fruity dipping sauce made of fresh lemon and apple. 
  • Gochicyan – a spicy sauce – which is garlicky, hot and savoury and goes particularly well with squid and other seafood.  In Japan, diners combine gochicyan with tsuketare but most Malaysians prefer to either dip their meat into either tsuketare or gochicyan.
  • Minced fresh garlic – adds a sharp ‘kick’ to your grill.     

Apart from enhancing the taste and flavour of grilled meat, the tare has another function – dipping the grilled meat into the sauce lowers the temperature of the meat so diners can enjoy the meat without burning their lips.

Connoisseur’s step-by-step guide to relishing yakiniku:      

  • The best way to enjoy yakiniku is to order a plate of mixed grill, complete with different cuts of meat, and greens.
  • Start with the premium cuts that were massaged with siotare; this acts as an appetiser;
  • Next, take a bite of the grilled meat that was marinated with nikutare; the best way to savour this meat is to wrap it with lettuce or eat it with rice.
  • Have the innards with misotare; the gamey taste exceptional especially with sake or beer.

Gyutaro yakiniku – our passion in creating a magical dining experience shows!