Cook & Eat Together

Picture this – a family eating together in an eatery of any kind, or even at home.  Someone cooks the dinner and everyone gathers around the table to eat, usually in silence; everyone mostly absorb in their own thoughts or in their electronic gadgets.  In fact, most of them are already glued to their smart-phones and gaming devices even while waiting for the food to be cooked.  What a waste of time which can be better spent bonding with each other!  Unfortunately, in this hectic world, this is the usual scenario.

There is a better dining experience with family and friends.  At a Japanese barbecue, preparing the food together connects people.  There is lots of laughter and banter with everyone choosing their favourite meats and vegetables and grilling them to their definition of perfection. 

Cooking is so simple even young children should have no problem participating with little supervision.   Somehow, cooking together makes the food tastes yummier.  A plus point is that because everyone is involved in the food preparation, the electronic gadgets are forced to take a back-seat unless the diner wants to remain hungry!

Come experience the joy of eating at Gyutaro.  Meat-eaters and vegetarians have a wide choice of set- and ala-carte meals.  While waiting for your orders, enjoy your refreshing drinks and side dishes while the server gets the grill going.  The fun escalates when your order of freshly prepared ingredients is brought to your table.

Choose your favorite cuts, and place them on the grill; enjoy the sight, sound and smell of the food as it cooks while talking to your fellow diners.  When the meat or vegetable is done to your preference, dip it into your favorite tare (yakiniku dipping sauce) and gently introduce the food into your mouth, slowly savoring the manifold layers of taste of the meat and sauce.  Try different cuts of meat and vegetable with the assorted dipping sauces to experience different sensations of pleasure that radiates from your tongue to possibly other parts of your body.   

At the end of the main meal, try a sweet dessert to complete the meal experience.  It’s a lot of fun preparing and eating the food together especially when no one person is tasked with preparing the ingredients and cooking the whole meal and then cleaning up after everyone has had their fill.  Getting the children involved helps them appreciate the process of food preparation.  It is also exciting for them to realize that they can cook their own food.

The whole dining experience is so much fun you will want to repeat that experience over and over again.  The delicious food, plus quality bonding time that builds intimate and strong relationships surely give credence to this saying that “the family that cooks and eats together, stays together”.  A happy and harmonious family makes every endeavor possible, which is an old Chinese belief expressed as “家和萬事興”.