Gyutaro Signature Dipping Sauce

The magic of Gyutaro sauces for meat and dipping

Dipping sauce is used to enhance the flavor of grilled meat.  When you feel that the meat is cooked to your liking and you are ready to eat, the dipping sauce cools down the grilled meat quickly.  To make the meat juicier, dipping sauce helps to lock in the fat while the meat is being cooked on the grill, this will make the meat tastier and you can eat it immediately when the meat is taken off the grill. 

Gyutaro signature sauces have a unique rich flavor.  The dipping sauces are mixed with fruits such as lemon and apple to leave you with a fresh fruity taste.   The combination of the freshest cut of meat, Gyutaro’s mouth watering sauces and fresh fruity taste makes the dining experience in Gyutaro exceptionally magical.  For anyone who loves spicy food, please ask our friendly food captains for kojichan, a special spiced sauce for the ultimate tasting sensation.