Charcoal Grill

Why charcoal grill?

In the charcoal grilling process, grilled meat is wrapped in hot gas, and the quality of this gas largely determines the flavor of the grilled meat.  Using Binchotan to grill meat gives it a tasty rustic smoked flavor.  At the same time, due to the high temperature combustion produced by Binchotan, large amount of oxygen will combine with carbon to produce carbo dioxide (CO).  The amount of carbon dioxide in the gas jacket helps to reduce oxidation of the fat when grilling, producing just enough fatty acid (oxidized fat) to leave the meat juicier and tastier.  Over oxidation of meat will affect the taste and the food quality.

When the meat is half cooked, it is perfect grilling.  This is achieved by quick high temperature cooking.  The high heat will cause caramelization on the meat’s surface, locking in the juice and preserving its freshness.  On the other hand, low temperature will cause the meat to be dry, affecting the texture of the grilled meat.